About us

Hydrovolt is a 50/50 joint venture between the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt and the Norwegian energy and aluminum company Hydro. Established in 2020, we were made to deliver sustainable battery recycling in Europe and ensure that no battery is ever wasted.

We are doer’s when it comes to recycling

We have walked the talk since our first industrial plant opened in 2022. We learn every day to further develop and ensure the success and innovation of sustainable battery recycling.

The process that extracts the most

With our approach, we aim to recycle all of the active battery materials in an EV battery. We cannot wait to say goodbye to traditional mining, raw material shortages and landfills made up of batteries - and we are not done until we reach a fully circular value chain.

Let’s make the loop infinite

Batteries are valuable, even at end-of-life. Through recycling, we recover copper, plastics, aluminum and a powder called black mass, which contains the valuable metals of nickel, manganese, cobalt and lithium. We can do this over and over again with the same high quality as extracting fresh materials.

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Black mass